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Selected by Tordoff’s Sommelier the perfect selection of warming, softly spiced, varied tasting selection of spectacular red wines….wonderful with autumnal suppers or to sit back, relax and experience.


Shaun Tordoff began his career as an international wine merchant for a well known international company. From his experience he knew that there were thousands of small undiscovered vineyards around the world, creating incredible wines that just needed to be bought to the customer but too specialised or small for large conglomerates. These new wines had the potential to expand the populations palates allowing them to also enhance a dining experience with the perfect wines. Shaun thought that this was an opportunity that could not be missed. He spoke to his creative wife Wendy who at the time was working as a fashion buyer. Wendy agreed and together they created Tordoff Wines. 

After a long few months knocking on people’s doors, going up and down the country, carrying out numerous wine tastings, Tordoff Wines finally won their first client. A client that has been buying from them for over 29 years. Eurostar became aware and they became Tordoffs first large commercial client and still remain today alongside the many others.

Tordoffs are now moving into a new exciting chapter. This chapter will still put their loyal customers at the center of what they do, listening to their reviews of wines and bringing in wines that people are looking for ahead of the trends. Tordoffs will still only be providing wines from vineyards that make their wines sustainable with passion, in limited runs that ensures that their wine is the best their land can harbour. These original missions support the next stage in Tordoff Wines. Tordoffs are looking to take you on a journey to gain an appreciation of quality wines and to understand when carefully curated they can be affordable. We have created a new platform that is easy to use as well as informative. Tordoffs will curate and update each month, providing new and exciting wines to try. We want you to be able to effortlessly marry your wine with food and to be able to talk about its origins before a meal, to make wine-drinking an extra special experience that enhances your evening. The platform will also allow the opportunity to maintain your notes on the wine and have favourites that can easily be purchased again. 

We understand that convenience and sustainability are the most important values today. What could be better than having the convenience of beautifully curated wines in sustainable packaging being delivered straight to your door! Tordoffs is and will always be the place to go to as they care about their customers and their wines.

  • QEF Rouge

    France - Famille Quiot
    Full Bodied
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  • Chablis

    France - L.Tramier & Fils
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