Why Choose Rosé?

Why Rosé?

It has been a long time since we all have been able to share our summer with friends and family with all that has happened in the past 12 months but now there is no excuse to invite the people who we adore the most, and to celebrate with a drop or two of beautiful artisan rosé wine.  

The singular word “Rose “is like the seasons, it signifies summer, those lunches that continue a little longer than usual, to the long lazy warm evenings outside, eating alfresco discussing everything and nothing.

A Rosé is that wonderful alternative that binds so many things together, if you are a red wine drinker a rosé is a pleasant alternative, if you are a white wine drinker and not a red the humble rosé is a good and a most pleasant compromise and if you are only partial to a rosé then you are in heaven. A Rosé goes with most foods and comes in an array of styles that will suit most palates.

For me Rosé is escapism, the transportation of our soul from dismal days to exotic sunny climates and places, although still being at home. The very nature of rosé is that it is light, easy, and refreshing and most importantly not high in volume, on average 12% which in layman’s terms means “Sociable “. A drink that can be enjoyed over lunch, evening meal or simply as a wine to be savoured over simple conversation.

A rosé will always reflect summer and with summer we will smell and taste strawberry, raspberry, and ripe cherries all in a glass.

I have chosen from only a few of the many vineyards that I have known for over 30 years. Some rosé treats that are only produced in small quantities; they are not trying to dominate the world with brand image. The owners and families are giving their absolute best to respect the land that provides their livelihoods to produce only the amounts that nature allows them to, even if that means small yields.   

I hope that you enjoy these rosé wines as much as I have enjoyed knowing the families that make them and tasting the amazing styles that have developed especially as the generations of young wine makers make their own mark on the loved family traditions of their wines.