Giribaldi Delicious Organic New Wines

Introducing Giribaldi Organic Winery from Italy.

By Shaun Tordoff

A chance encounter which dates back almost a decade ago has been revitalised between Tordoffs and family owned Giribaldi Winery.

Organic is one of those words that some people are drawn to because they honestly believe that the natural way that Mother Nature intended things to be tastier, healthier, and sustainable for our planet. However, others just think that we need to add additives and over fertilise to supply our population, whilst others just see it as a way for manufacturers to add more money to the bottle . I’m pleased to see a shift in these attitudes and as a supplier to our customers it is a pleasure to introduce the family of Giribaldi and their magnificent wines that also protect our glorious planet.

The Giribaldi family are now celebrating three generations of Giribaldi wine makers. In fact, they are without doubt one if not the first Italian family to recognise and embrace the organic ways and to achieve “Organic Certification “in 2001. They have strived over the years to only use minimal amounts of sulphates under 100mg per litre and with many containing zero amounts. It is a proven fact that high sulphate levels cause headaches, itching and blushing, all evidence that our bodies however robust are not happy with chemicals.

I have been mesmerised by Giribaldi and the way that they follow their ideals and are not led and do not follow the trends of most fellow mankind. They choose to respect the land that Mother Nature has given us, and to make their wines with love, care and to the very best of the abilities of the wine maker. To ensure that only the highest quality is achieved and nothing less than 100% is acceptable.

One of the main aims is to educate the potential consumer about the eco system and benefits from which the wine has derived. For this family they accept that some years are better than others but know that if they concentrate on the quality not quantity that Giribaldi wines can keep a constant level of taste that can be enjoyed from vintage to vintage thus ensuring the consumer that they are not going to be ever disappointed.

Whilst visiting their vineyard in Novello I ask Alessandra “What is Organic “she smiled and spoke……

“For Giribaldi this means a way of life “it’s a lifestyle that is shared by everyone who works at our family estates and the whole family too.

Over the next 12 months Tordoffs will be introducing more wines from this unique family so there will be wines that are easy and sociable to drink whilst chatting with friends to the big hitters like Barolo that will be enjoyed with amazing food and great company.