Sauvignon Blanc At Its Best

Sauvignon Blanc at its Best

Why Family Arbeau say “it’s time to drink Sauvignon Blanc”?

Family Arbeau have been producing south west French wines since 1878 a true family affair. Situated in the small village of Labastide-Saint-Pierre set between Toulouse and Bordeaux on the banks of the river Tarn and mere step away from the mighty Garonne, is where the humble beginnings were rooted. In the early 20th century Pierre Arbeau purchased the jewel in the crown and built the vinery at Chateau Coutinel. Later in the century came Jean-Claude Arbeau who catapulted the Family Arbeau to a status that could hold its own within the wine world which is still true to this day. Heading the family business is sister and brother Anne and Gerard Arbeau.

They have taken their family business to new heights and have now announced that they are totally moving to organic methods and sustainability to ensure the continuation for generations to come.

A recent conversation with Anne revealed a secret about her new Prince de Gravieres Sauvignon Blanc 2020 vintage. She said, “the 2020 harvest was a good one, one that will produce great maturity and will have a good balance between acidity and the flavours.” 

The aromas of blossom and white spring flowers are forever evident in this sauvignon, with the bonus of the most amazing soils in the Comte Tolosan area uniquely suited for the growing and production of this grape variety. The vinification is all in Arbeau’s cellars, but this is where the twist in this revelation comes. Normally Gerard Arbeau is the wine maker but, on this occasion, Anne has decided to take the lead and with the assistance of Celine have crafted this “all girl power “Sauvignon blanc that explodes with finesse, flavour, style and elegance.

Anne also was adamant to disclose that all of Family Arbeau wines are suitable for everyone no matter if you are carnivores or herbivores. The wine is simply delectable.

  • Grand Chemin Le Faillet Viognier

    France - Domaine Grand Chemin
    Dry Medium fruity bodied
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  • Dieu Donné Sauvignon Blanc

    South Africa - Dieu Donné
    Medium Dry
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