A Spanish Vineyard

Spain is renowned worldwide for its time-old authentically food, culture and wine. Tordoffs in one way or another have always had connections with some of the greatest wine producers in Spain. One of our oldest relationships is with Terra Remota ; Terra Adalta vineyards, the most southern of the Catalonian wine growing regions. The sublime landscape that has been creating wine greats since 1982 has now been recognised by the United Nations environmental department UNESCO as a biodiversity reserve. With its winding rivers, green oaks, almond trees, olives and vines. 

This region that is just South of Barcelona is said to be “Born from the union of passionate men and an exceptional terrain.” The vineyards benefit from the dry Mediterranean climate, low rainfall and two dominant winds, the Ciezero coming from the northwest and the Grenache, a sea wind from the south, giving the region the name, The Kingdom of the Grenache. The terrain yields such wonderful Grenache white grapes. This is because the clay limestone soil is poor in organic matter but allows the vines to travel deep down to find the rich mineral waters needed to flourish, on appearance these cultivated “ Bancals “ man-made terraces provide the perfect environment for the vines. The small plot of black grape Grenache comes down from the tops of the Altiplano which are 700 meters above sea level, almost the highest of Terra Alta. The vines are an average of 15 years old and are not irrigated. As soon as the harvest is ready in early October the grapes are hand-selected to ensure that only the plumpest and mature perfect fruit are used in the creation of this mouth-watering, smooth, elegant, spicy creamy Terra Adalta wine, that is fit for royalty and for vegans who are lucky enough to find this best kept secret.

In recent years the Terra Remota has started a new chapter. The Terra Adalta was born in 1999 from its owners and our friends Bournazeau Florensa family. They formed the vineyard after discovering markings carved in ancient stones.They chose to use them as their emblem “ O+ “ allowing history to be preserved for many generations to come. The ancient markings also left evidence that for thousands of years this land has been cultivated in one way or another.  In 2003 the Bournazeau Florensa family planted their vines creating 15 low yielding vineyards preserving the typical grape varieties of the region – Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Blanca, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay,

Tempranillo and Chenin Blanc. These small yielding new vineyards produce wine that will make the region and their ancestors proud. When I go over to visit these two vineyards, I cannot help but think that the Bournazeau Florensa’s are merely life’s custodians of this land, with their energetic enthusiasm, always striving to create wines that drink well young as to those that age with mother nature’s time.  They remind me of shepherds, but instead of guarding their flocks, it is the protection of their vines and ultimately their heritage.

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